GILEAD Commander Herod Edinsmaier, that Gud and Wunnerful, er, despicable " Medical Doctor " ... ... = = One Whom NO OTHER can rival in re ... ... his S M I R K E R Y and S N I D E R Y. S U C H THAT his last name, BACKWARDS, IS THAT:

WHY Gilead COMMANDING PATRIARCHS GET A L L: Yeah: what is her name ?

  WHY ... ... PATRIARCHS GET A L L " IN A NUTSHELL WHAT THE CRISIS IS The Custody Crisis is the epidemic of judges switching custody of children from good, loving mothers to controlling, abusive and self-serving fathers. On the other hand, there is no epidemic of judges switching custody from good, loving fathers to controlling, abusive and self-serving mothers. Therefore, the crisis is a gendered issue:  a women’s issue .  " Yeah:  what is her name ?  The name of the " controlling, abusive and self - serving mother " who was the TAKER ... ... getting the children way - away from their good and loving father ?  Who is this woman ? The Custody Crisis:  Why It's Happening &  How We Can End It Women's Coalition 11 September 2022 “ The Custody Crisis: Why It's Happening & How We Can End It ”  is a powerpoint presentation that describes the nature of the Custody Crisis and a solution for stopping it. This is the first time it’s been featured on the  W

¿ Still WITH this " Doctor " - Gilead Commander - Patriarch ... ... ARE Y O U ?

IF Y O U ARE, as, then, the VIOLENT HYPOCRITE that you are, ... ..., THEN, Y O U ? YOU are N O T ... ... of MY tribe.   ¡ ¿ WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE ? ! ¡ ¿ " WHERE IS OUR BACKBONE " ? ! ... ... E N O U G H ... ... ¿ YOUR G I L E A D - PATRIARCHY's Commander Edinsmaier**, that Good and Wonderful " DOCTOR " of h u m a n medicine ? [[ ** " Commander Edinsmaier " = = Commander " Re I Am Snide " = one odiously apropos onomatopoeia ]] = the SAME Sperm Source who A L S O is the SEXIST, the MISOGYNIST CRIMINAL / = the man who A L S O is i) the STEALTH INVADER of ONE woman's HOME and ii) the BURGLER of ANOTHER ONE woman's three children and HER two long, hunting guns. BECAUSE HE, daMan of Gilead's PATRIARCHY, COULD. .T. .A. .K. .I. .N. .G. WITH HIM INTO THESE THREE INVADING and BURGLING CRIMES ? TWO of the ONE woman's three M I N O R CHILDREN. THEN ? GIVING OVER TO HER .T. .H. .R. .E. .E. MINOR CHLDREN ? That ONE woman